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About Sharon Kondash

Sharon with Cool Dog

Sharon with Dog

Your Local FLORIDA Dog Behaviorist & Master Trainer

Sharon Kondash is the most recommended dog trainer by local veterinarians in Pinellas County, FL . She offers immediate dog-friendly behavior modification via in-person private training and via live video calls. 

Anyone can claim to be a dog trainer & practice without proper education or a license, but rest assured, Sharon is licensed by the state of Florida & is a Certified Dog Behavioral Therapist and an experienced Master Trainer. Sharon has trained over 8000 dogs in the past 15 years as a Bark Busters franchise owner & the Owner & Director of Good Dog Training. Sharon is recommended by numerous veterinarians, dog rescue groups, doggie daycares, dog groomers, pet stores & by her hundreds of satisfied clients. Her services include: on & off-leash, indoor & outdoor, private, in-home, adult & puppy training, dog behavior modification, socialization, obedience training. Sharon uses only dog-friendly methods that make sense to your dog and gets fast results while still curbing and reversing unwanted behaviors. No treats/bribes or punishment is needed.

To contact Sharon, call (727) 369-6809 or click here

The Qualifications...

...15 years of careful observation of the dynamics of dogs within their pack structure and the study of how people can best relate to dogs. Sharon uses this foundation to diagnose the root of behavior problems along with Bark Busters™ world-renowned training methodology to enable her clients to quickly & easily relate to their to dogs & to earn their respect. As a franchise owner in Bark Busters, Sharon has been through a rigorous training program & has perfected her understanding & implementation of this proven & effective system. Her coaching is amazing. She is very patient with both dogs and people who all move at their own pace.

The Goal...

...helping families change their unruly, overly exuberant, nervous, or even aggressive dogs into calm, well-behaved companions so that both the dog & the family can live together happily.

The Reward...

...contributing positively to the harmony in the household and possibly saving dogs from being re-housed, sent to the shelter, or worse yet, euthanized. "The icing on the cake is that owners usually thank me out the door for the knowledge and control I've given them" (Sharon Kondash).

Sharon with a Yorkie

Sharon Kondash, a Dog Behavior Therapist and Master Trainer, serves Pinellas County, FL Treasure Island, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg, Dunedin, Largo, Tarpon Springs, FL