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Founded in 1989 in Australia by Sylvia & Danny Wilson, Bark Busters Home Dog Training ™ has quickly spread throughout the world. With offices in 40 states with more than 400 franchise locations worldwide. Bark Busters™ Dog Behavioral Therapists have trained over 1 Million dogs making Bark Busters™ the global leader in Dog Training. We train dogs of all ages, all breeds & for all issues. Bark Busters™ has the knowledge, experience, & skills to diagnose the root cause of any behavior issue for any dog, at any age - even complicated canine behaviors. Our techniques are tested, fast, easy, and approved by hundreds of vets and by other trusted industry organizations. Click on your closest city on the left to find out what we can do for you and your dog.

Personal One-On-One Coaching makes all the difference

Because how your dog interprets you determines your next step when training. Trainers in group classes simply can not coach you properly. Different dogs will respond differently to the same guidance. You need to know in real-time how to read your dog and how & when to respond to your dog based upon your dog's responses. Our personal coaching makes that possible, teaching you to read your dog in real-time and tailoring the training to your dog's unique behavior. That's why we are so successful and why you will be too!

Say Goodbye to Guesswork

We've taken the guesswork, time, and frustration out of traditional dog training! Our training methods help you understand the natural language of dogs. People are smarter than dogs, so it makes sense to learn their language. You can be your dog's "dog, whisperer." Training your dog is fast using our methods because dogs already get it!

Your Dog Is Unique

Dog language is universal, but all dogs certainly aren't the same. We will assess your dog's unique personality & disposition, taking into account your unique environment and wishes. Then, we'll teach you to understand and communicate effectively with your dog. Most importantly, we not only tell you what to do, but we coach you on your timing, delivery, and body language to convey what you want from your dog in a way that is most appropriate to your dog's personality. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to get the behavior you want through improved respect and communication! After learning how to communicate more effectively w/ your dog, he or she will be relieved that you finally understand him/her. To find out how to be your dog's very own "dog whisperer" call 877-500-BARK (2275).

Discover How Easy It Can Be to Teach Your Dog To:

  • obey your rules
  • sit, lay down, stay, come (even outside)
  • become housebroken
  • stop pulling
  • walk nicely (to heel)
  • socialize well w/ pets & family members
  • stop jumping up
  • stop barking on command
  • obey off-limit boundaries in your home/yard
  • stop fearing or lunging at dogs & people
  • stop getting into the trash/stealing/begging
  • stop chewing & destructive behavior
  • resolve aggression and separation anxiety
  • behave better at the vet or kennel
  • prepare for "Canine Good Citizen" test
  • More...

Our Proven Success Rate

We have hundreds of local references, vets, and clients. It's the success of our methods that grew Bark Busters™ into the international company it is today. Without this basis, we could not be the world's largest and most successful dog training organization. We don't just train your dog. We teach you to understand how to communicate with your dog and to resolve the route cause of any issues.

How We're Different

Many dog trainers rely upon treats & endless repetition to teach dogs. These methods often fail when dogs aren't in the mood to listen or are distracted. Often, this is when training counts the most! We're different. We teach you to get your dog to see you as a reliable, trustworthy pack leader.  What naturally motivates dogs the most are instincts to obey his/ her pack leader.  Learn to get new-found leadership while improving your bond & trust, not diminishing it. We'll teach you how your dog naturally reads your body language & your actions. Learn how to stop sending mixed signals. There's no need to intimidate, discipline, or become physical when you can communicate & teach! Don't use shock collars or yell. Bark Busters in-home dog training methods yield better results & are faster. You'll have fun learning to better understand the instincts and body language that are innate in all dogs. Dogs don't naturally understand English, Spanish, or any other human language. You can spend weeks, months, or years trying to teach your dog commands. Or you can learn to speak "dog" in one lesson with Bark Busters. On the first visit, we teach most dogs to understand things like "no / stop," "come," "sit," "stay," "lay down," "off," "drop it," "leave it," without the repetition, stress, time or bribes required of other methods. Plus it's fun to learn and fun for your dog!

Washing the Dog

A Few Key Principles

Our private, personalized lessons help you and your dog overcome the challenges of your specific living environment. Why in-home training? Dogs learn best when they can completely focus on the owner in an environment that's free of unusual distractions. Our local trainer comes to you and usually resolves all of your dog's issues in the convenience of your home. Our clients are always surprised at how quickly their dogs respond once they know how to communicate in their dogs' natural language. There are many fine details which are important to dogs but which are not intuitive to people. That's why personal coaching is the key. It's not hard to master. You don't even have to be physically fit. We explain & coach you through the implementation at the pace you and your dog can handle. We'll be surprised, though, if you don't see remarkable results on our first visit. Don't gamble with other companies who charge by the lesson or hour. With Bark Busters, you get unlimited lessons for one up-front fee for the life of your dog, even for any new issues.

No Harsh Techniques

We are personal coaches and dog behaviorists.

Unlike some trainers, we don't use harsh techniques. Nor do we bribe with food to extort good behavior. Instead, we teach you how to be a better leader from your dog's perspective & to communicate more effectively. You'll engage your dog to think & to understand what you want. Dogs immediately respond and enjoy pleasing their "smarter" owner. Dogs crave better leadership from their humans & enjoy their Bark Busters training. Adapting to their perspective enables dogs to learn quickly through your voice control & clear body language. Your dog will be glad to follow your rules. Teach your dog versus punishing w/ harsh collars or stressful, ineffective methods.

Lifetime GuaranteeLifetime Guarantee!

We have refined our methods for over 20 years. That's why we're able to offer our Life-Of-The-Dog Guarantee. Check out our national Bark Busters™ site for even more details about the world's largest & most successful dog training company.

2008 SPCA AwardOur dog training techniques are recommended by thousands of veterinarians, rescue groups, and SPCA International. Our methods are dog-friendly and have been optimized for over 20 years. Unlike some dog trainers, we don't offer canned techniques. We tailor our training to your dog's age, breed, personality, and perspective. Even better, we don't dictate your rules. Instead, we teach you how to establish your rules and how to get your dog(s) to WANT to follow them. From simple obedience to complex issues, we can diagnose the root causes of undesired behaviors helping your dog(s) to feel & behave better for a lifetime. Contact us and find out how quickly we can help you and your dog(s).

Get your dog to listen and understand with our proven dog training methods!

Sharon Kondash, a Dog Behavior Therapist and Master Trainer, serves Pinellas County, FL Treasure Island, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg, Dunedin, Largo, Tarpon Springs, FL