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I had heard their private, in-home training is great. But I wanted to try virutal coaching due to Covid. I couldn't have imagined how well Sharon could help me over a video call. I knew that any trainer would really have to teach ME not just teach my dog. But I had no idea how skilled Sharon would be at being able to convey what to do, and how do it over a video call.  The training was truly dynamic and realistic. I saw amazing results with my dog Charlie as soon as I put the techniques to work. Sharon showed me excellent ,training videos with dogs doing just what my dog does and I could see how to address it in the videos. She'd pause the video and point out fine but important details I would not have noitced on my own. Plus, I would've never found the right videos online myself to know how and why each technique applied by my dog's needs. She had a ton of behavior specific videos at the ready to show human-dog interactions resulting in behavior modification. What to do is NOT a one size fits all. I was able to see just what my dog needed and how to execute. She patiently addressed all my questions after going through the videos with me.  Plus, I know as soon as the stay-at-home orders are lifted, there will be no charge for her to come work with my dog in person. I may not even need anymore help until my dog hits a new phase it's working so well! The video conferencing offed by Sharon and Bark Busters is truly and added benefit to their in-person service!
Virtual Client: Cindy Meldina

Sharon truly has a gift. I have two non-trusting chihuahuas: a 10 yr old and a 6 mo old. I initially requested service for the puppy. Within 10 minutes, it was clear that my puppy was looking to my older dog, and the older one was teaching my puppy bad habits. I thought it was too late for a 10 yr old who has always feared and barked at strangers, but he was quite responsive to Sharon. Sharon was quite soothing for them both, which enhanced their ability to learn the tasks being taught. Within a short period of time, I was taught skills that allowed me to be in control and not controlled. I could turn off the barking and get them to walk with a loose leash. I was also impressed with the fact that canine communication, not treats, was the tool used for behavior modification. I felt like I was in a session with Cesar Milan!!!! Thanks Sharon! Client: Tina L. 

Sharon is great! My Yorkshire Terrier was having a very tough time with his separation anxiety. This was displayed by his constant pacing and barking for 3 hours straight (proof via a video tape). Sharon came in and we saw immediate improvement within the hour! I had been working so hard with his anxiety using prescribed meds from the vet and even natural substances (calming spray, wall plugs that emit a calming scent, a calming collar, a Thundershirt, etc.) purchased from my local pet store. These meds made him feel groggy or did not work at all.
I feel better knowing I got to the root of the problem and I don't have to worry about buying expensive items (temporary fixes) to soothe his anxiety. I feel comfortable knowing I can leave my Yorkie and he won't be a complete basket case when I'm at work. Sharon is also great with potty training, breaking bad habits such as stealing & chewing inappropriate items, and teaching basic commands and much more. Sharon is a first class trainer in every respect and I highly recommend her without any reservation.
Client: M. Minter 

I noticed that my dog Scrappy was more calm and listened more the very next day. I liked that the training is based on communication & respect and not on treats or physical contact. I really enjoy being able to communicate with my pet now. Sharon was very helpful and it was very convenient to do the training in my home. I would recommend her to anyone .
Client: Rick D. 

"WOW!!! When they say they can teach dogs in minutes, they were right. It was very friendly & gentle yet amazingly effective! My large dog doesn't pull on his leash anymore with a regular collar! It was so fast once I knew how to tell him what I wanted and knew what he expected for me to do to take the lead. I was so surprised that I don't have to use treats or act mean to take charge! GREAT JOB! I AM SO THANKFUL!" Client: Janice J, Odenton, MD

Sharon is a miracle worker! Within an hour of when she came to our house we felt like we had a new dog. She explained and demonstrated all of the training techniques very well and our dog Dasher responded immediatly. Our 80 pound puppy, no longer jumps up on people (Thank you Sharon!) He stays and comes when called. Our visitors can finally come through the front door without being trampled. Sharon was professional and we were very comfortable with her in our home. She was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions thoroughly. We're so glad that we chose Bark Busters and will recommend Sharon Kondash to any of our friends or family members who have dogs. Thank you Sharon!!
Clients: Michelle & John Cox

"We have found our training with Sharon to be incredibly enjoyable and well worth it! Sharon not only does a great job during scheduled sessions, but she also makes great efforts to be available to give advice via e-mail and telephone so we have quick answers to new questions." Clients: Melissa & Peter Harber

Sharon made "the money shot" of dog training! Her work was like that of Michael Jordan in his hey day. She helped us w/ Obi, a challenging breed who had a bad-puppy-hood and who was faced w/ challenging neighbors who wanted him gone. Sharon was not only patient, kind and knowledgeable, but also impeccably supportive after the training. Incredible athletes get paid millions when they can pull off "the money shot' under the most difficult circumstances. So did Sharon and Bark Busters. It was worth every penny, far better than I expected and well worth so much more!
Clients: Lydia W. 

My vet recommended Bark Busters since I wanted a method that did not use shock collars, etc. I became immediately entranced when I saw how quickly my dog Cappy respond to Sharon's body language. The change in my dog's behavior was immediate as soon as Sharon walked through the door. Sharon is certainly knowledgeable and dedicated to helping pet owners. I was at my wits end with my dog but she was very patient with me and showed me how to get the same results which saved Cappy from being taken back to the pound. I enjoyed the training so much that I have told many friends, family members and colleagues about Bark Busters! We love our dog's behavior because of Sharon's expertise!
Client Kristy K. 

From the moment she arrived, I could tell that Sharon knew what she was doing. My three dogs responded to her (and liked her) immediately. The training was all positive, no negative reinforcements used, but we never used treats. I immediately learned skills to manage my dog's behavior and to establish myself as the pack leader. Sharon did a great job of keeping the drills upbeat and maintaining our focus. I am a satisfied customer. The cost was very affordable and I once again have a happy home. have already recommended her to my friends and neighbors!
Client: W. Wagner

I see why the SPCA recommends Bark Busters! I was impressed by how quickly my dog Penny responded and began to understand what we wanted. We were able to stop her unwanted barking on the second try! She stopped messing up the house and is much easier to love now that she listens. She passed the Canine Good Citizen Test based on what I learned on the 1st lesson!
Client: Laura Garber

This dog training method was very easy to understand and to follow. I saw a major improvement in my dog w/ obedience well before the 1st session was over. It was much better than having to use treats or using words which dogs don't understand.
Client: Y. Allison 

Someone asked me the other day how my dog Brando was, and my immediate reply was "wonderful, and I'm so lucky to have him." There was a long time that I doubted I'd ever say that. Thank you so much. He's come a long way.
Client: Sharron S. 

It's a kinder way to train your puppy. I'm so glad I took my vets advice and chose Bark Busters Dog Training!
Client: Tammi D. 

Sharon did an outstanding job. It was easy for us to follow her instructions. We saw immediate results and continued improvement. Sharon came back to work with our dog and to ensure we were doing the drills correctly. She showed us even more on the second visit. It was amazing to see, so easy, yet worked so well. Sharon was outstanding. I have recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. If your dog needs any training, this method is absolutely amazing. It really works!
Clients: Fran & Bill Xenakis 

My little Yorkie is 3 and wasn't house broken until Bark Busters taught me why. Traditional training like putting her nose in it and yelling was just making it worse. I was mistakes w/ her on the leash and around the house that I had no idea effected housebreaking. Once I learned how communicate clearly, she stopped going in the house. We are both happier now. She's not in trouble anymore and my carpets stay clean. I wish I had called Bark Busters sooner! " Client: Alicia P. Gambrills, MD
Sharon is totally confident, thorough, in control and constantly explains what to do and why it works. The training was very interesting and I got definite results which were very noticeable on the first visit. I would highly recommend her. It was different than techniques that I had learned with other training, much better! Sharon is outstanding!

The investment we made with Sharon & Bark Busters was very worthwhile. As much as she was able to explain the "what to do," she also taught us the "why to do" and the "how to do." It is important to understand that our four yellow Labs range in age and temperament, and our desire for them to live harmoniously with us and each other is a necessity. We chose Bark Busters on our vet's recommendation. With Sharon's instruction and our understanding of the Bark Busters philosophy and techniques, we feel we have an upper hand in keeping the house under control. I highly recommend the Bark Busters solution and trust Sharonas their representative. You and your dog will really approve of the training you receive.
Clients: Michael & Pam Tapp

Sharon, you really did give us our life back and have made having a dog a wonderful thing! Sidney's anxiety is gone and she walks very well now that we are doing what you showed us!
Client: Mary S. 

This private dog training was so much better than dog classes or dog school away from home. More people should find out about Bark Busters.
Client: Mindy K

Whoever said 'old dogs (and people can't learn new tricks' must have never hear of Bark Busters!. Thank you so much for giving us the tools to make Molly the loved and adored girl she deserves to be. For all the years (50+)we have been pet owners, it sure made sense to us that we needed to think like a dog. We had never experienced the issues we have had w/ molly in all the dogs (most of them rescues) that have blessed our homes. You certainly made this experience a pleasure that we know will carry through to our changes w/ Molly.
Clients: J. & A. Pusey

We have definitely seen great improvements in Daisy since Sharon helped us!" Daisy is calmer, barks less and we have a much easier time walking her. A thousand thank yous. It was well worth every penny!"
Client, S. Ellis

"The Behavioral Therapist was able to explain a lot of the conflicting information I've read out there. I was very skeptical at the beginning, but I quickly became a believer. I have taken the in store puppy courses but I learned more useful in formation and techniques in my first lesson with Sharon. Cody was responding better immediately.
Client: Peggy & Mark

I will be recommending Sharon to my friends and neighbors! The training was very educational and I noticed results at the first lesson. Sharon Was great! She was very clear and patient. I learned so much during my first lesson, I don't know if I'll need her to come back. But if I do, it's free!
Client: Patricia B.

I am appreciative of how quikcly and how much Sharon has helpped us. We were ready to give our dog up until she showed us how to get him over his separation anxiety which was causing him to break out of his crate and tear up the house. Now he also is fine being left out of the crate. He is also a more social dog. Before Sharon helpped us, he was dog aggressive. I cannot say enough about Sharon and her training skills.
Client: Charles Stephens

Thanks so much Sharon! With your help my family will be able to relax and enjoy dinner without having to keep the dogs on leashes or in crates in order for us to eat without dog fighting. Before we starting the training, I really thought I'd never be able to go to my mom's again with the way the dogs were fighting. This is something I can be thankful for this year." Client Heather T. Bowie, MD "Sharon, I'm so glad that I scheduled you to train Sasha when I did. From the first day we met, I realized I had bigger problems than I thought. The kids at the door w/the dogs and relationship issues w/ the family were more serious than I thought. You really helped to redirect that bad behavior quickly before more serious behavior started. I know now that as dogs age, things usually get worse and the sooner you train the better the dog and house will be! I'm just glad it's never too late! I didn't expect to get so many other things out of the training. I can also stop Sasha from chasing the cats which I wasn't able to do before our training. Sasha responds very quickly and stops stalking the cats when I tell her to. Others have noticed the improvements too. Thanks so much for your continuous follow up visits. It really helps me to stay on track!"
Client: Denise P.

Sharon is beyond amazing. Satchmo is a challenging dog with a demanding personality who was causing a great deal of friction in my household. No one could stand to be around us because I couldn't control his unruly and demanding behavior. Sharon trained me to be "in charge" of the situation. It's hard to admit the dog was the boss but I let it happen and she showed me how to fix it before I ruined a good dog. Sharon was patient with both Satchmo and me until we could work together like a team then like a family. I hate to repeat myself but she is just amazing.
Client: Rita Spach

I'm so impressed w/ the obvious instantaneous results!
Client: Jen M.

Sharon was fantastic. She was enjoyable to work with. I was surprised to see results on the same day. I will recommend BarkBusters to my friends with out a doubt."
Client: E. Reed

Sharon (& Bark Busters) is great! She doesn't push my dogs to go faster than they are comfortable with. My dogs were afraid of most strangers but they liked her right away. They liked the training even though I corrected them by telling them that I disapproved of several behaviors they had done for years. They knew I wasn't mad at them, just the behaviors. It only took a few times doing the drills and they learned on day one! I was surprised how much they learned from the very first visit. Thank you!
Client: Mark Cats

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Sharon Kondash, a Dog Behavior Therapist and Master Trainer in Pinellas County